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Cheap, abundant sea wave power is around the corner

Image credit: SWEL

Great ideas look very simple in hindsight, and you wonder why no one thought of it earlier. SWEL (Sea Wave Energy Ltd. UK) patented one of the best ideas to generate power from the sea and has been working steadily at it to usher in cheap, affordable and abundant power very soon from ocean waves, tides and currents.

The idea has been thought about for long and there is a list of patents also in the field; however, SWELs idea can potentially generate 10 times more energy per square meter as compared to other known patents and ideas and the good news is that is almost ready for commercial exploitation.

As can be seen from Fig.1 below the power extraction cost for this technology can be far lower as compared to fossil fuel energy.

Fig.1: Power extraction cost comparison with fossil fuels

The concept works on the principle of ‘Wave Line Magnet (WLM),’ made up of an array of flexible assemblies that are linked together and float on the surface of the ocean. The system allows waves to pass along the entire assemblage, generating power as the wave (and the system) rises and falls.

The Waveline Magnet is comprised of an array of flexible assemblies linked by a spine power system. The patented technology allows the wave to pass through the system, generating power as the wave rises and falls.

The wave energy converter is designed to embrace the surface of the sea, or the ‘wave line’ as it is often referred to by SWEL. This allows the WEC to become ONE MOVING MASS with the wave itself creating a unique interaction that allows SWEL to REGULATE how much energy is extracted from the wave in a CONTROLLED AND NON-DISRUPTIVE manner.

The seamless and frictionless interaction is a UNIQUE CHARACTERISTIC of the technology that allows it to work in harmony and in synchronization with the deployed sea area, IRRESPECTIVE of the wave profile and the weather conditions.

The advantages and features of this system are:

· Low cost (approx. rupees 1 per KWh)

· Easy deploy ability

· Can also de-salinate sea water

· Recyclable materials used

· Reduces coastal erosion

· Can be easily scaled up or down

Fig.2 Floats on water surface and can be easily scaled up or down

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Sep 11, 2022

Excellent initiative. Have been hearing out harnessing electric generation from waves for a very long time. This initiative does show promise. Hope it succeeds.

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