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Battery-free Robots

Most of today’s AMR fleets are still dependent on batteries for power, requiring operators to invest precious resources in recharging, replacing, and recycling batteries. This increases the cost of support, reduces overall throughput capacity, creates an array of safety issues, and significantly increases operations expenses. Even current ‘wireless’ energy solutions require stationary charging, which reduces throughput and increases OPEX.

CaPow replaces costly and hazardous batteries with a continuous energy ecosystem. This patented technology ends the need for robot downtime due to charging, maintaining optimal throughput. Enjoy seamless integration, hassle-free deployment, and easy day-to-day usage with CaPow’s flexible system.

CaPow’s perpetual power delivery ecosystem brings continuous motion to automated robotics fleets. Challenging robot manufacturers, solution providers, and operators to change their definition of operational efficiency, CaPow maintains consistent power for moving robots, ending the concept of robot ‘downtime.’ Harnessing the potential of its unique solution, CaPow eliminates the need for batteries or stationary charging ports. Immediately scalable and industry-agnostic, CaPow can be integrated seamlessly into any hardware and deployed in any facility.

CaPow’s solution can be easily integrated into both existing and newly designed AMR models, allowing them to receive power from CaPow’s antenna stickers on the warehouse floor. As the robot moves over the sticker, power is provided for both immediate and later use, creating a perpetual source of energy. CaPow’s ‘Floor Planner’ software tool allows you to easily plan your CaPow deployment.

How it works

  1. CaPow stickers are placed on the facility floor; No excavation is needed. Sticker placement can easily be changed.

  2. Stickers are placed on the robot; They can be placed in any direction. No electronic interference with additional robot components.

  3. Heavy, inefficient, hazardous batteries are removed. Now your robot has significant free space to add additional value-added features.

  4. CaPow’s internal receiver and power bank are inserted into the robot. Integration is seamless and headache-free.Better power management for 90% less free space and weight. Existing battery utilization configuration is also supported.

  5. CaPow’s Floor Planner tool offers optimal calculation of facility sticker deployment.20% surface coverage achieves 100% throughput. Easily change or compare layouts.

  6. AMRs are powered as they move over the floor stickers. The power bank is activated only while moving between stickers.


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Arun Bhatia
Arun Bhatia
Apr 11, 2023

Thanks and best wishes!


Apr 11, 2023

Interesting and very innovative concept.

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