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To celebrate the International Day of Light, I am pleased to release my new book "The Story of Light: Wonder World of LEDs". You can browse the book and buy it at a special introductory price on Amazon by following the link:

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Celebrating the International Day of Light (IDL 2020)
The IEEE-Academy of Scientific & Innovative Research(AcSIR), CSIO Student Branch, Chandigarh presents.....

Light Is Life by Arun Bhatia

"Day of Light Event: Illuminating e-Education" This is the Flagship Celebration of the International Day of Light on 16th May 2020, being organized by IEEE-AcSIR CSIO Student Branch, Chandigarh. 

"The Sun initiated life on Earth with its Heat and Light millions of years ago.

In the beginning, the planet was dark at night.. ..till fire was discovered.
Then came the Light Bulb invention by Edison in 1879.

Since then, for the past 140 years, we have improved upon the sources and applications of LIGHT."

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