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The rooftop units are silent and use aerodynamic racecar technology to amplify airflow

Wind can be a great source of energy but is hardly used except in windy coastal areas. Now, a Houston, Texas-based company, Aeromine Technologies has developed a small, sleek wind turbine which can generate power from even winds as slow as five miles per hour.

A single Aeromine unit provides the same amount of power as up to 16 solar panels and takes up a fraction of the footprint of traditional wind farms.

Designed specifically for use on top of large buildings with flat roofs, the turbines are easy to install and maintain, particularly because they do not have rotor blades. The turbines connect directly to a building’s electrical system, using aerodynamic designs to amplify the flow of air away from the structure. Despite working constantly, the turbines are completely silent.

Aeromine generally installs 20 to 40 of the turbines on the side of a building’s roof that receives the most consistent wind. That is usually enough to provide all of the power required by a large commercial or residential building. When combined with solar, a building could run completely on renewable energy.

Making better use of ignored spaces is a particularly effective means of reducing reliance on petrol power.

Aeromine’s patented innovative solution generates up to 50% more power than other sustainable energy options at the same or lower cost.

Why the World needs a New Wind Energy Solution

Renewable energy is crucial to mitigating climate change and creating a path to energy independence. Yet current rooftop options, such as solar panels and legacy small wind turbines, are limited in how much energy they can produce, require large footprints, and have relatively short life cycles.

Aeromine’s innovative solution generates up to 50% more power than equivalent solar solutions harvesting the best performing renewable energy source available.

Aeromine performs under the most extreme weather conditions and produces power when energy demand is greatest.

The Aeromine Difference

Aeromine’s patented aerodynamic design captures and amplifies building airflow in wind speeds as low as 5 m.p.h., similar to the airfoils on a race car. Unlike turbines that require rotating rotor blades and many moving parts, making them prone to maintenance issues, the motionless and durable Aeromine solution generates more energy in less space.

Aeromine is designed for installation on buildings with large flat rooftops such as:

· Warehouses and Distribution Centers

· Manufacturing Facilities

· Office Buildings

· Multi-Family Residential Developments

· Big Box Retail


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