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"Solar Bricks" to transform buildings into energy-generating power plants

Mitrex Solar provides building-integrated solar products to the construction industry – that generate energy without sacrificing aesthetics

TORONTO, March 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ - Mitrex, a Canadian solar technology manufacturer, is launching Solar Brick—a solar-integrated facade solution designed for use as brick wall cladding that transforms a building into a renewable power plant. Mitrex Solar Brick facades boast up to 330W per panel while recreating a traditional masonry brick look, a staple of buildings in North America.

Mitrex Solar Brick — A solar-integrated facade solution being installed (CNW Group/Mitrex - Integrated Solar Technology) Solar Brick by Mitrex (CNW Group/Mitrex - Integrated Solar Technology)

Mitrex's newest project features an installation of their Solar Brick made to match the existing brick facade on the post-war era building. The installation features a 59kW system size spanning over 4,000SF. Incorporating Solar Brick into the facade allowed the building owner to have an energy-generating building envelope without the poor aesthetics associated with solar technology.

Mitrex specializes in building-integrated solar products (BIPV), including solar facades, glass, roof panels, and more, with a vision of incorporating solar technology onto every exterior surface on a structure without altering the looks or design. The launch of Mitrex's Solar Brick showcases a cladding product that meets this mission—Solar Brick is suitable for new construction projects or retrofits of older structures, including recladding or over-cladding.

"Our mission is to transform how we build our structures—electrically-powered buildings are a logical and sustainable solution to combat climate change," says Mitrex CEO Danial Hadizadeh. "With our products, everyone can contribute to reducing emissions while constructing buildings with materials that last for generations. There is no compromise for builders, architects, or homeowners."

Mitrex solar facade features and benefits:

  • Advanced manufacturing methods to maximize efficiency and functionality, made in Canada

  • Enhanced aesthetics with a customizable facing layer

  • Utilize patented coatings with anti-reflective and anti-soiling properties

  • A wide range of panel size options

  • Various backing options that allow for the panels to be incorporated on any structure

  • Low embodied carbon of the solar materials, efficient energy generation, and contribution to LEED points to help builders achieve net-zero

Mitrex facade panels are guaranteed to last for years to come, providing durable and energy-efficient building envelopes.

About Mitrex

Mitrex strives to be a world leader in the green building sector by researching, advancing and manufacturing integrated solar technology. Our mission is to be the catalyst that accelerates the adoption of sustainable, energy-generating, human-made structures. We carefully balance beauty and efficiency. Our belief is that rapid, low-cost, sustainable manufacturing is economically viable, and is the road to a brighter future for humanity. We will continue to push innovation in integrated solar products. For more information, visit

SOURCE Mitrex - Integrated Solar Technology

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