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Hi friends, I have been posting for quite a while now and the post count must be well over 100. I thought of taking a look at my posts to see what are the topics I have covered. The topic map looks like this:

Innovation is at the heart of the posts and defines the core theme of the topics and the areas covered.

We are in an age when technology is changing so fast and each day we have breakthroughs pushing the boundaries. Each of these innovations and breakthroughs is going to impact us sooner or later.; many have already started impacting our daily lives.

Unlike most technology newsletter which give you daily tech news, my newsletter is going to be simple and will pick just one topic per letter so you can focus and read it properly and build some basic understanding if you are new to the subject or get some insight if you are already connected with the field.

In either case it will ensure that the newsletter remains interesting, readable, simple and enhances your exposure to the field, one topic at a time.

Suggestions and feedback are most welcome.

So, here we go; and happy reading.

Please do subscribe to take full advantage of this newsletter.

Arun Bhatia

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